Call for Selection PNPD grant / CAPES

The Faculty of the Graduate Studies and Research in Animal Diversity Program (PPGDA) of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) is selecting one (1) candidate to act as a Fellow of the National Post Doctoral Program (PNPD), from CAPES, Brazil. The applicant must have a Zoology-oriented academic profile to work in one of the scientific lines of the Program: (1) Systematics and Biogeography and / or (2) Biology and Behavior, being highly productive in the last three years in order to accomplish the requirements to be a member of the permanent faculty of the PPGDA. The selected candidate have to work with at least one of the PPGDA professors. The selection will be carried out in two steps: In step 1 The candidates are asked to send to the Coordinator of the program ( their curriculum and letter of intents, with a maximum of 3 pages, which must include: (1) line of research of the applicant, (2) professor or professors of the PPGDA with whom he/she plans to associate, (3) how the professor and the pos-doc will associate to produce scientific papers, derived from the research performed in UFBA, (4) infrastructure (material, services and equipment) required to develop the project, (5) plans to obtain grants and resources to develop the project and (6) proposal of projects for future Master and PhD students and disciplines. In step 2, the candidates accepted in the first stage should send a short research project for the grant period (41 months) with a maximum of 10 pages, the working chronogram and an estimation of the publication during the scholarship period. Further information click EDITAL PNPD PPGDA english

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