Information about the CBC.TCS.Santos by the Presidents of the SBC and TCS

Dear Carcinologists,

We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are well in these difficult times.

Due to the worldwide disturbances caused by COVID-19, and after a numerous communications between the Board of The Crustacean Society (TCS), the Brazilian Crustacean Society (SBC), and the organizers of the XI CBC / TCS Summer Meeting (CBC.TCS.Santos), we all agreed that we have to postpone this congress originally scheduled for September 2020 in Santos, Brazil. After consulting the organizers of the upcoming TCS meetings, we agreed to maintain the Summer Meeting 2021 as planned in Paris, France. The XI CBC / TCS Summer Meeting (CBC.TCS.Santos) is now scheduled for 5 – 8 June 2022 in Santos (SP) – Brazil, at the same hotel as planned for 2020. In this way, we are still having this international event (now in 2022), and we hope to fulfill the high expectations of those who already have registered and those who intend to register. For the colleagues who have already registered we propose to maintain the registration active, without any raise of the amount already paid, even if there is a change in the registration category up to 2022. However, if you are already registered and want a refund, just have to let us know about your choice and it will be done.

Also, we take the opportunity to thank the colleagues organizing the ICCX-meeting in Wellington, New Zealand, who very kindly agreed to postpone their meeting to 2023, a gesture greatly appreciated.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you, but we are convinced that it was inevitable to postpone the meeting originally scheduled for 2020. Thus, we are looking forward to welcome you at the meetings in Paris (2021), Santos (2022) and New Zealand (ICCX, 2023).

Best wishes and thanks for your patience,

William Santana

Presidente SBC

Ingo Wehrtmann

President TCS

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