Symposium and Workshop invitation for the XI CBC and TCS Summer Meeting

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The Organizing Committee of the joint CBC.TCS.SANTOS (XI Brazilian Crustacean Conference and The Crustacean Society Summer Meeting) informs the Brazilian Society of Carcinology (SBC) and The Crustacean Society (TCS) membership that we are currently receiving proposals for symposia and workshops for this meeting, until September 30, 2019. The proposals must be in agreement with the general theme of the meeting, which is “Tradition and Innovation: Integrative Approaches to Crustacean Studies”. The CBC.TCS.SANTOS meeting will take place in Santos City in São Paulo State, Brazil, from September 27 to 30, 2020. The symposia will occur during the first three days of the CBC.TCS.SANTOS meeting, while the workshops will run one day after this on October 1st of 2020. Each symposium must have a minimum duration of 2 hours including any discussion time or announcements. Symposia may be longer in 2-hour increments up to a full day in length. We suggest a minimum presentation time of 20 minutes per speaker (this includes any questions), which is 3 speakers per hour. Symposium organizers may choose to give a longer time slot of 40 minutes (2 x 20-minute slot) to primary speakers to open their symposium. All presentations must start and end on these 20-minute increments. The workshops must be at least 4 hours in duration and be coordinated by only one person.

We have seven main topics that can be explored via symposia and workshops:

1) Taxonomy and phylogeny

2) Ecology and Biodiversity

3) Genetics and Conservation

4) Reproduction and Development

5) Aquaculture and fisheries

6) Physiology and Toxicology

7) Environmental Education


Address for submission of the proposal:


It is important to inform everyone that the Organizing Committee is currently seeking financial resources, from Brazilian foundations and development agencies, in the expectation of being able to reimburse some speakers for their expenses. However, in the current climate of uncertainty of resources we cannot promise this funding, and we will prioritize symposia and workshops that require no financial support or modest support for their execution.

Your participation is very important for the success of this event!


Dr. Rogério Costa & Dr. Marcelo Pinheiro

(Chairmen of CBC.TCS.Santos)


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